Hey, I'm TheHobbitFreak. This blog will bring Elven magic with every post!

I'm Not Dead

Hey, guys! What is up? Sorry I haven't been active, but things get tough with school and stuff. Glad I can write a blog entry for you though. :3 My art has improved! Remember my old wolves? That is nothing to my new wolf drawings. Or my TRansFormers O.C.s in wolf forms, which I call Cyberwolves! They're awesome! Here's Nio, on of those characers. I called this picture "Nio the Great, The Prince Without a Crown" on deviantART. Tell me what you think and I'll talk to you all super soon!

I Have Been Dared!

Someone has dared me to draw Elsa from "Frozen." I believe they're off their nut, but maybe they're right. I dunno. Kind of scared to try, might murder her! So, I guess I'll do her if some peoples say I should?

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The Hardest Part Is Over!

Flipnote Hatena DSi has shut down online and DSi browser's site. Well, I'm not gonna post anymore till tomorrow, because my flipnotes are nothing without my Descriptions to explain them! Good-bye, to all my friends, I thought I'd be here with you forever. Thankyou,








and so many others for supporting me, but I'm not gonna post on the last day we have.

This is my blog, so I hope you get som magic out of it! ~TheHobbitFreak